A dance exchange program presenting 8 dance-shows in 4 days. We welcome artists from the Netherlands, Cologne and Leipzig. TANZTAUSCH festival is part of the FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE culture-program.

FIGHT OR FLIGHT wehrtheater / Andrea Bleikamp (Cologne)
The Flight-or-Fight reaction describes the fast physical and mental adaption of creatures when confronted with danger. Episodes of real news images crash into abstract movements and create ongoing associations.

PARADISUS? Emanuele Soavi IN COMPANY / Analalogtheater (Cologne)
A suggestive dance performance where performers weave appealing utopias of ideal life through all ages. The search for paradise.

SIDE-BY-SIDE Phase-Zero Productions (Leipzig)
One spot. One time. One space. A meeting. One group. Dynamcis. What are the phases in building a group? What can cause the breaking up of a group? A dance performance about the disruption of individuality and the desire of belonging.

AL13FB<3 Fernando Belfiore (Amsterdam)
Fernando takes you to his poetic, futuristic world of drifty techno, chanting shamanic voices, alchemistic rituals and lightsabers. In this parallel universe Fernando researches physical states and their transformations through emotions.

LOSTBOX Marie Goeminne (Amsterdam)
A woman in a far too small box. Naked, lost, restricted. A choreographer skirts the borders between fine arts and dance. Intimate, scraggy, poetic.

WOMANHOOD VOL. 1 Lisa Freudenthal (Cologne)
Urban dance is mainly connected with male attributes. How does a young woman deal with the challenge of being measured by male physical abilities? The search for womenhood in the male-dominated hip-hop culture.

JUXTAPOSE Cecilia Moisio (Amsterdam)
Two young ladies in fifties dresses, seductive, prissy and a little sarcastic. Increasingly they start to sigh, to moan, to scream. As they become hysterical, essential questions come to light. For example: Am I what I think that you think I am?

PORTRAITS AND SHORT STORIES Pia Meuthen + Panama Pictures (s-Hertogenbosch)
Six men between 20 and 60. A coming-of-age-story where youthful recklessness alternates with moments of vulnerability. Pia Meuthen interweaves dance and circus into a movingly visual drama.